Retro at work on title for Wii successor?

Wii may have lost some of Nintendo’s hardcore fanbase, but if there’s one Ninendo-owned developer that’s still a star in fans’ eyes, it’s Retro Studios. Their stellar Metroid Prime trilogy and last year’s Donkey Kong Country Returns have won them a well-respected position in the industry today.

That’s why it’s big news that they could well be developing their first project for the rumoured Wii successor. The Paul Gale Network has sighted sources that claim the developer is working on “a project everyone wants us to do”. That practically spells out Metroid to us, though it could be something else.

With the power of a PS3 behind them, we’re incredibly excited to see what Retro cook up. Hopefully they’ll be among the list of developers ready to show their stuff at this year’s E3.