Apple sells 187 million idevices

Rumor has it that if you take a trip out to space and look upon the Earth it no longer appears as it once did. It’s now just one huge Apple logo, spinning round in orbit.

Okay that’s not quite true, but with a jaw-dropping 187 million idevices sold as of March 2011, it might as well be. The tech giant has revealed that a total of 108 million iPhones, 60 million iPod Touches and 19 million iPads make up this mammoth of a figure. That means iPhone sales have doubled since the iPhone 4’s release in April last year. These kinds of numbers make what Nintendo pulls in look like kindergarten maths. iPad sales have also picked up massively, no doubt with a little help from the iPad 2.

Nothing can stop Apple at the moment; how much longer will that last?