EA goes for another round of App sales

There’s yet another sale of EA’s Apps this weekend, with big titles across iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad all seeing big reductions, so get in while you can. Top of the list this time (in the UK) is Dead Space iPad, which has been dismembered down to just £3.99 (which might sound a lot but is actually a fair drop from the original £5.99). Other than that the regulars like Monopoly and Risk pop up again, along with some other like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

The sale starts today and presumably lasts over the easter weekend. Full list of games and prices below.

Dead Space Was £3.99 Now £1.79

Dead Space iPad Was £5.99 Now £3.99

The Sims 3 Was £3.99Now £1.79

Battlefield Was £1.79 Now £0.59

Sims 3 Ambitions Was £2.99 Now £0.59

NFS HP Was £2.99 Now £1.19

NFS Shift Was £1.79 Now £0.59

Pictureka iPad Was £2.99 Now £0.59

Scrabble Was £1.19 Now £0.59

Scrabble iPad Was £5.99 Now £2.99

NBA Jam Was £2.99 Now £1.19

Fight Night Champion Was £2.99 Now £1.19

The Game of Life Was £1.79 Now £0.59

RISK iPad Was £3.99 Now £1.79

Max and the Magic Marker Was £1.19 Now £0.59

Max iPad Was £2.99 Now £1.19

Reckless Racing iPad Was £2.99 Now £0.59

FIFA 11 Was £2.99 Now £0.59

FIFA 11 iPad Was £5.99 Now £3.99

Command and Conquer iPad Was £2.99 Now £0.59

Rock Band Reloaded iPad Was £5.99 Now £2.99

Monopoly Was £1.19 Now £0.59

Tiger Woods 12 Was £3.99 Now £2.99