BioWare working with DICE on Mass Effect 3 guns

If you keep up with news of the games industry and play a lot of games – which you obviously do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this – you might have noticed that Stockholm-based Battlefield developer DICE has been doing cameos lately. They worked with Criterion on the critically acclaimed rebirth of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, and should you have played Bulletstorm, you might have noticed its name appearing on the end credits.

Who’s next in line to work with the Mirror’s Edge developer (we hint any chance we get)? Reportedly, none other than Mass Effect developer BioWare. The latter have enlisted DICE to work specifically on the weaponry of the upcoming Mass Effect 3. How they fire, how they travel through space, how they sound and how they react depending on what kind of environment they’re being used in. Very technical, but considering the excellent work done on the Battlefield franchise, this would seem like a healthy relationship we’d encourage.

Mass Effect 3 is due later this year on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.