PSP Go lives to die another day

Yes. We lied to you. We can do that sometimes, unintentionally. We’d be quick to blame ourselves for it too but it’s easier to blame the internet because it’s so huge and no one takes any real damage, except the one spreading news like this, which would in this case be Sony. Said damage would refer to a specially assigned spokesperson to write a statement – or in this particular case, make a phone call – saying that the aforementioned statement is, in fact, not true.

As the headline clearly states, Sony’s last generation portable PSP Go is not – entirely – being killed off. While there was some truth to the reports of its utter demise happening, which quite frankly wouldn’t make a difference whatsoever, the portable is still in production and will be available in North America for anyone willing to purchase it. But with the NGP hype in full motion, the question is, who’d go for it… really?