Free Crysis 2 editor and CryEngine 3 SDK coming in the summer

Good news for all the budding indie developers out there or even the yet-to-be AAA developers setting up shop: Crytek is gearing up to release a fully featured CryEngine 3 SDK in August, for free. For the non-developer types who just want to edit some maps, a free Crysis 2 editor is also on its way for the early part of the summer.

Just how fully featured is this CryEngine 3 SDK? Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli explained in the announcement: “This will be a complete version of our engine, including C++ code access, our content exporters (including our LiveCreate real-time pipeline), shader code, game sample code from Crysis 2, script samples, new improved Flowgraph and a whole host of great asset examples, which will allow teams to build complete games from scratch for PC.”

According to the announcement, developers will be able to release their game for free but if they want to sell their game, Crytek is offering up low-cost licensing solutions for digital distribution. The explicit cost of that licensing has yet to be revealed unfortunately. This exciting news will hopefully lead to a future filled with some very nice looking indie games.