Nintendo’s next console named Stream? Pricing, release dates outed? Answers to more questions!?

When it rains it pours (or streams in this case); more information on Nintendo’s next home console has been detailed.

IGN are reporting that a Taiwanese company named Foxconn is manufacturing the system, and will start shipping it out in October. This could point towards a later 2011 release, though Nintendo are likely to be stockpiling systems to meet demand at launch. The cost of manufacturing means it’s likely that a price between $350 and $400 will accompany the system at launch.

Stream is (apparently) one of the names that’s being considered too. We can already think of hundreds of jokes about the Stream being the successor to the Wii, but we’re professionals so we won’t share them (until it’s confirmed). The system will be based on a revamped version of AMD’s R700 GPU architecture, which is said to outperform the PS3 in power.

At this rate we’ll have the launch line-up and complete list of Mario titles before Ninty even utters an official word.