EA Sports profiles to be a paid subscription service?

Earlier this month, EA Sports announced a persistent profile that would keep track of your stats and accomplishments across their franchises. Now, a new document has surfaced that lists some of the features of the service, with the most standout feature being that it will not be free.

The description hits the ground with a thud describing a “annual paid subscription service that enhances your gaming experience.” From there, it actually lists some halfway decent perks to the service, such as “free” and “discounted” DLC that can carry over to future versions in a game series, and the chance to download and play the latest editions before their retail release.

But even with all that, nothing has been confirmed yet. The document mentions SSX: Deadly Descents, which shows that it was produced before the game lost the subtitle, and EA’s simply responded to the leak saying they have “no announcements at this time.” All of it can be proven false.

But presuming it’s all accurate, it’s still hard to tell if it’s worth it. We don’t know what kind of DLC would be “free,” what kind would be discounted, just how much they’d be discounted, the details behind playing the games early (is it for keeps or just a taste?), and most importantly how much the subscription itself would cost. Until we get concrete facts about it, though, we can only guess.