The MMO Round-Up / April 25

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Everquest II producer Dave Georgeson got his eyebrows singed off after the game’s community went aflame at the mention of free max-level characters as a win-back promotion for the game.

What’s in store for Lord of the Rings Online? Turbine laid it out in great detail for you.

We had a vision this week and it looked something like TERA Online.

SOE confirmed that its sites downtime has been attributed to hackers breaking through security.

Adventurine discussed major changes to Darkfall’s prestige class in a community post this week.

Lineage II has been around for 7 years and celebrates the fact with 3 weeks of events.

The latest community update for Warhammer Online features crafting changes and tweaks to the game’s scenarios.

The new Devastator archetype was previewed this week for Champions Online.

Captain’s quarters are coming to an EVE Online near you as they are about to hit the game’s test servers.

Having separation anxiety from your World of Warcraft guild? Blizzard intends to fix that as their mobile app will let you chat with your guild mates from anywhere.

The the 1.5 beta version of the APB revamp went live this week.

The latest update for Vindictus went live this week, you can check out the patch notes over here.

This month’s Dungeons & Dragons Online state of the game address talked crafting and Update 9.

Hooray! ARGO Online is wrapped up and out the door as the game launched earlier this week.

The latest video of Guild Wars 2 is full of the pretty.

Wondering what’s going on in the world of Wizard 101? Let the game’s producer tell you all about that.

South Korea is getting it’s RIFT on as the game heads over seas.

A recent interview with Secret World’s Ragnar Tornquist talked progression and storyline.