PSNageddon: User info compromised, Sony admits

Sony are in just a tiny bit of trouble here; current PSN outage went from bad to worse yesterday as the platform holder admitted that PSN member’s personal data may well have been breached in an external intrusion of the network. That includes names, addresses, passwords and maybe even credit card information.

This – as you’ve probably figured out – is a huge deal. Sony are recommending that you keep a very sharp eye on your bank accounts and change your PSN password as soon as the service is back up. The current outcry of rage from fans is fueled by the delayed reaction¬† from Sony to alert consumers about this breach; this is the first we’ve heard about it since the whole thing went down on Wednesday last week.

The company are claiming they only found out about the scale of the breach on Monday.

No two ways around it; disaster is at Sony’s door. How will the next few days/weeks/months unfold for the now-troubled industry giant?