Hydrophobia gets PS3, Steam wet with Prophecy edition

Hydrophobia‘s making the jump to PS3 and Steam with a brand new edition, Hydrophobia Prophecy. The new edition of the soaking shooter adds new levels and gameplay mechanics, updated graphics and voice acting, along with a new ending and feedback system. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse of the action.

Dark Energy Digital’s game has been on a bit of a wild ride since its release. Originally billed as an XBLA game that lived up to full retail, AAA standards, the game was met with mixed reactions upon release. That prompted Dark Energy to come up with Hydrophobia Pure, an improved version of the game available at a lower price.

Prophecy will include all of Pure‘s updates and then some. Look for it to hit Steam first at $10.19/£7.64 on May 9th, with the PSN version following a little later on.