New Need for Speed teased for mid-November release

This came as a bit of a surprise, although not an unexpected one. Hence, no actual surprise. Ergo, pointless analysis. Nevertheless, a new NFS title, Need for Speed: The Run, has recently been teased by EA.

By watching the minute-long vid, here are our thoughts: It’ll be a story-driven title – bad thing, if history is anything to go by – in which you’re on “the run” through the US for having done something bad; probably wrongfully accused. That means two things: environmental diversity, which is always nice, and the involvement of cops, both on the ground and airborne, hell-bent on shooting us to a sudden stop, apparently. An interesting idea. Also, an Audi R8 shows up, which hints at fast, good-looking cars, which is actually the very soul of the franchise. Mountain-side explosions, blizzards and a dude in a car lying upside down on railroad tracks about to get hit by an incoming missile of a train point at more interactive environments and surroundings with a high probability of gameplay mechanics being affected and/or changed by them, a new concept for a NFS title which is neither good nor bad as much as it is an interesting way to break the mold. How are we doing so far?

The teaser is interesting enough to keep us engaged and leaves us wanting more, but as mentioned earlier, a story-driven NFS game hardly ever goes down well with critics and/or gamers. When that habit was broken with Hot Pursuit and Shift, we suddenly found ourselves playing some of the highest rated and critically acclaimed Need for Speed titles of the past decade.

Then again, this is all speculation, but the optimists in us keep hope alive that it’ll be different this time around. Good different. We’ll find out come November 15th.