EA brings Need for Speed: The Run deets

Following a strangely low-key announcement thanks to a trailer leak, EA have brought forth more details about the upcoming Need for Speed: The Run, this holiday’s addition to the frantic franchise.

The Run is another arcade interpretation of the series, taking you across the United States as you dodge the authorities and generally cause as much havok as possible. Locations promise to range from New York to San Francisco as well as throwing in ice mountain passages to mix with the dangerous street speeding.

Where we really start to get interested is the technology; The Run is, well, running off of DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, the same bit of kit that’s powering the beautiful Battlefield 3. Will Black Box, the developer, be able to churn out as high quality graphics as their Swedish shooter colleagues?

We really hope so, because that alone could be enough to make The Run worth playing when it release on November 15 in the US, 17 for Europe.