Shadows of the Damned dev diary brings the crazy

We’re starting to think there won’t be a single aspect that Shadows of the Damned has in common with any other game. In fact it wouldn’t surprise us if we picked up it only to find the controls were all back-to-front, it’s that bonkers.

Take the dev diary above for example; it couldn’t just be a normal straight up dev diary, no, it has to have crazy voice overs and Suda 51 pretending to strangle industry legend Shinji Mikami (who are working on this together). Still, this one’s definitely worth a watch if you don’t know much about Shadows just yet; it explains some of the main mechanics and plot details behind this slapstick horror, which, by the way, we’ve got to say is looking bloody brilliant.

Good thing we only have to wait until June 21 to get our hands on it then.