Gears 3 beta will soon allow you to invite friends

Finding the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta to be a grueling, lonely experience? Epic has something in store for you.

The developer has launched their “Never Fight Alone” promotion, granting every beta player who has sat through at least one game a buddy token. Said token will grant one of your friends access to the beta, should you choose to share it.

Tokens can also be obtained by picking up any Gears of War game on Games on Demand, or by purchasing DLC or Gears Avatars. Extra tokens are also available for those who have played 20+ hours of the beta, spent over 100 hours playing a previous Gears game, or by picking up an XBL Gold subscription. Players can earn up to five in total.

Epic will send out token emails on May 4, which can be redeemed on May 8.