Xenoblade Chronicles set for American release too?

While not completely unexpected, it may come as reassuring news to fans to hear that rumors of a North American localisation of Xenoblade Chronicles are spinning round the web.

The JRPG was confirmed for a European release a short while back by Nintendo itself, but there hasn’t been much word on a US version. However, voice actor Peter Dickson, who appears in the game, may know something we don’t.

Updated info on his official site reads: “Peter has been cast as the Emperor Sorean – the leader of the High Entia in the cult Nintendo RPG Xenoblade Chronicles. The game will be released Autumn 2011 in UK, Europe and USA. Peter is thrilled to have played such a leading role in a massively successful Nintendo title.”

Notice the USA sitting there in that description? It can only be a good sign, right? Xenoblade is on for a release at the end of this year in Europe, perhaps America will follow soon.