APB: Reloaded goes open beta on May 18

Remember that debacle of a Grand Theft Auto-esque MMO called APB? We certainly do as the bad taste it left in our mouths is still lingering. All is not lost however as the game is currently undergoing an overhaul and is heading into open beta on May 18.

The good news for players who invested some time in the failed original release of the game, GamersFirst is currently in the process of restoring old characters and notifying their respective owners. On top of that nice little tidbit they’re also adding in some new items and are aggregating data on cheaters so that they can be better equipped to combat them.

We’re watching the progress of APB: Reloaded with an air of skepticism as the aftermath of its predecessor is still fresh in our memories.  This open beta will be more important than others as it could be a good indicator of how much of the game has changed and if it’s worth playing again.