Remedy can’t wait for industry-wide digital distribution

Remedy’s Alan Wake offered a few downloadable episodes post-launch while remaining a complete package on the original disc. This formula really seems to have hit home with the Finnish developer, as CEO Matias Myllyrinne recently revealed to Edge.

Speaking about the DLC plan, he said: “It was hugely successful, and really resonated with the fans. You’re adding to the value that you’re giving people. But I think on the other hand you need to be very careful – the game that you ship and provide folks needs to have a meaningful ending and closure. Having a TV series structure really, really worked well for it because it’s kind of natural for a TV series to go on to season two or have specials.

“I think there’s a lot there,” Myllyrinne continued. “Certainly we’re looking to embrace more of the digital stuff. I’m really excited about PSN, [Xbox] Live and some of the stuff on Steam, because it really allows you to directly engage with your audience. All these opportunities are opened up that you couldn’t do before – there wasn’t a model you could work around.”

He concluded rather ambitiously: “I don’t think the big, huge experiences are going anywhere, but the sooner we go digital as an industry, the better for everybody. Better for consumers, better for the developers and publishers.”

We’d definitely like to see more AAA games take Alan Wake‘s episodic scheme and put it into action. Perhaps the next Gears of War and Uncharted games could have DLC expansions post-launch? Wouldn’t that be something.