Wii successor’s touch screen to change textures?

There has been plenty a wild rumor about Nintendo’s Wii successor, Project Cafe, ever since it was announced last month, the most recent of which leaves us more than a little skeptical.

Swedish site Loading is reporting that the rumored touch screen feature on the new controller will enable users to feel the difference between soft, smooth and rugged surfaces. We’d try and use an example, but there’s something about saying “imagine feeling Yoshi’s skin as you ride him” that just doesn’t feel right. The controller is said to use haptic technology to do this, and may also implement the concepts first shown from the Wii Vitality Sensor that debuted one E3 then promptly vanished.

The more we hear about this system, the more exciting/expensive it sounds. Nintendo need to make sure they don’t disappoint come their E3 2011 conference on June 7th.