Dead Island distributed by Square Enix in the Americas

Dead Island might strike gamers as a big, AAA title (thanks to that trailer), but Deep Silver, the game’s publisher, isn’t usually the kind of churn out those sorts of games. With that in mind, they’ve called for a helping hand from Square Enix, a publisher with more than enough experience in releasing big titles.

Square are now responsible for distributing the zombie hack ’em up across the Americas. Sound like an odd move? Destructoid tracked down Deep Silver PR person Aubrey Norris for a comment on why this deal had been made; “Retailers will only buy from companies that they do X amount of regular business with,” she said. “Since [Deep Silver] is too small to have that, we need a distributor.”

“A retailer won’t buy from you unless you do X amount of business with them annually,” she continued, “it’s kind of part of establishing yourself as a publisher. You have to get to a certain level of volume before retailers will work with you directly.”

Dead Island is out later in the year.