New Assassin’s Creed reveal teases date

Is it time already to move away from Italy and venture into another stab-filled era of civilization? Whilst it was pleasant to be stuck in Rome for a bit longer, the next Assassin’s Creed outing really needs to push the boat out and find a new time and place for use to run about in.

There have been a few rumours about the next game taking place in either Victorian London or during the French Revolution, but Ubisoft have decided to tease us a bit more with a date. Not a release date as such, but the date of when the next title will be set. And it could be that neither of the two guesses are right.

There have been hints that the next title is called Assassin’s Creed Revelations and may be linked with Greece. A clip on the Facebook page for the game has flashed up the numbers 24061459, which looks to be the date 24/06/1459 after some technical dividing. Apart from this number, that’s all we have at the moment, until Ubisoft decides to stop skulking around the rooftops and actually dive on top of us.