New domains hint at new Wipeout installment?

According to a Whois inquiry, which traditionally lists information about a specific domain, Sony has registered two new domains, both of which seem to reveal a new installment in the Wipeout series. The new domains, and, registered in November 2010 and April 2011, respectively, are nothing but placeholders at the moment, with WipeoutTrinity leading to the official PlayStation UK site.

Last we heard about the speed intensive racing series was with the PSP to PlayStation 3 port Wipeout HD. Nothing was heard from the franchise until February 2010 when Sony Cambridge put out a call for a lead engineer to work on a new project.

Of course new domains don’t really mean anything these days, what with the ability to register them for about $1, but the thought of a new Wipeout game coming to PS3 is enough to get our blood racing.

See what I did there?