Project Cafe skips hard drive, has 8GB of flash memory?

Reports are coming in via Kotaku that despite Nintendo’s Wii successor, Project Cafe, holding the power to compete with the likes of the PS3, it may be missing a few key features that current gen systems support.

The most noticeable omission is a hard drive, something that’s been essential to Microsoft and Sony’s consoles. Instead of sporting a huge amount of space to download games, DLC, movies and more, Project Cafe may only have 8GB of flash memory at its disposal. That rules out the possibility of larger games for download, though means that Nintendo could still bring their Virtual Console over quite comfortably. SD card slots will also be supported as with the Wii.

It’s also uncertain if the console will definitely take advantage of full 1080p picture; some rumors suggest that it will make do with 1080i. That would definitely be a controversial move for Nintendo this late into the HD era. Kotaku also reports that discs for the system will carry up to 25GB of data.

We could tell you rumors until the cows come home; Nintendo won’t be saying a thing until their E3 reveal though.