Battlefield 3 “flat out superior” to Call of Duty, EA confident

EA hasn’t been secretive about its intentions to earn back the shooter crown from Activision, trumpeting the coming of Battlefield 3 every chance it’s gotten in recent months. In case there was any doubt left in the company’s confidence in DICE’s fall-bound product, EA Games’ head Frank Gibeau didn’t shy away from retelling the tale on the publisher’s earnings call yesterday afternoon.

“Pre-orders tell a compelling story,” Gibeau said, referring to the 700% increase in pre-orders when compared to last year’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2. “A lot of people are telling us they want to play this game on day one.”

“We know we have a big competitor,” he went on. “But head-to-head with Call of Duty in Q3, we have the superior game engine, the superior development studio, and a flat out superior game. Our goal is to significantly gain share in the huge FPS category and to put the other team on defense.”

To that end, EA will be spending big on the advertising budget. Clarifying on a misquote that circulated last month, CEO John Riccitiello said to expect “over $100 million in competitive spending, meaning, EA and Activision would spend well north of that competing for first-person shooter leadership this fall.”

The bit about Battlefield 3 being “designed to take [Call of Duty] down” wasn’t part of the misquote though, we’re sure.