Rack up Section 8 kills, get new game mode

TimeGate are pleased as punch with the Xbox 360 launch of Section 8: Prejudice, and they’re expecting similar success with this week’s PC release.

To help celebrate all the money that they’ve started to rake in, the developer has put up a kill counter on their official site. When the combined efforts of both 360 and PC players reach 10 million kills a new game mode will be unlocked. At the time of writing the counter has passed the seven million mark, so don’t be surprised if it’s launching/already launched as you read this.

The content unlocked takes the form of Assault Mode, a team vs team type where one side defends checkpoints for as long as possible while the other attacks to take control. It will arrive as free DLC.

Section 8 is still on for a PSN release a little later in the year.