Second Rift update due next Tuesday

The second major update for Trion World’s popular MMO, Rift, isn’t far off; update 1.2, “The Spoils of War” hits next Tuesday, May 10.

A whole host of new features will be included in the update, such as Facebook integration, a new instance, zone events and new systems to make the experience smoother.

The Facebook update will let users post achievements, screens, YouTube videos and more to their profiles, while a new Looking for Group feature automatically forms groups to take on dungeons and quests. A wardrobe now gives players the chance to save specific looks, a 5th role slot can be purchased, and there are new Ascend Powers added.

Sliver, the new instance allows 10 players to tackle Golden Maw cultists to prevent them from gaining powerful relics. There are also three new zone events: Planar Chill, Scourge of the Sands and An Eye for an Eye, each bringing their own unique objectives to complete.

Major update indeed; there’s plenty more to see in Rift when this update goes live next Tuesday.