Capcom sees 5 million-sellers in fiscal results

It seems that Japanese publisher Capcom are back on form with the release of their fiscal year 2011 results; sales were up 46 percent year-on-year, with profits rising 258 percent to 7.8 billion yen (£59 million / $96 million).

Five key titles in their lineup managed to shift over a million units and then some. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 sold 4.6 million in Japan alone, making it the PSP’s fastest selling game, according to the publisher. Dead Rising 2 followed up with 2.2 million, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 after that with 2 million.

But them games kept on a’ sellin’; Super Street Fighter IV is now at 1.6 million units sold and Lost Planet 2 sits just behind at 1.5 million.

Not too shabby. And with promising games like Dragon’s Dogma on the horizon, it should prove to be another good year for Capcom.