EA now on the offensive says Riccitiello

Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Dragon Age II, Portal 2, Mass Effect 2 on PS3; it’s clear that E3 have already had an amazing 2011. But according to CEO John Riccitiello, that’s just them on the offensive.

Riccitiello took the chance to talk about EA’s current position during an earnings call on Wednesday: “Our strategies could be defined as fundamentally ‘defensive’. Today, we are announcing a big shift to ‘offense.'”

So what does that mean? “Over the coming years, we will transform EA from a packaged goods company to a fully integrated digital entertainment company.” This involves a three core strategy, the first of which will see the publisher pushing its popular IPs.

“We fully intend to make these properties into year-round businesses that lead their sectors across a range of platforms,” Riccitiello added; does this mean titles like Dragon Age could be annualized?

He also commented that EA will now view itself as “a software platform every bit as much as we see ourselves as a content maker for other companies’ platforms.”

This is the second part of the core strategy, as the exec explains: “While we will continue to be a great partner to our best retail customers and first party partners, you will see the beginnings of a consumer game platform emerge at EA that complements and extends the console ecosystem and addresses the wider opportunity on other devices.”

And the final part? Talent acquisition. Riccitiello explained: “As an investor, you can see this as a way to better manage our IP, and drive up the ARPU for our core properties. As a developer, you can see this as the reason EA will be the most interesting and satisfying place to work in the game industry.”

If this basically boils down to EA doing as well as they have been in recent months, then we say bring it on.