Sony details identification theft protection program

Earlier this week Sony said it would offer all PlayStation Network and Qriocity users complimentary identification theft protection in some form. Now, Sony has detailed its global plans for this.

According to a post on the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has teamed with Debix Inc., one of the “most reputable identity protection firms” to offer affected persons in the United States its AllClear ID Plus service for 12 months at no charge.

Sony will begin sending out invitations to enlist in the program over the next few days, and users will have until June 18 to decide whether or not they wish to enroll in the program. For a more detailed breakdown of the AllClear ID Plus service, check out the post.

For affected persons in other regions than the United States, Sony has offered the following: “We are working incredibly hard to offer you something very similar [to the U.S. program]. As is often the case here, with so many countries in our region, this is a very complicated thing to achieve, but we are close.”

Has anyone seen fraudulent activity on their credit card yet? Mine is just fine.