TF2 gets ‘Replay Update’, first annual Saxxy Awards

Valve has joined what has become a major trend in contemporary shooters, in that it has rolled out the ‘Replay Update’ for Team Fortress 2.

This update adds a Replay Editor to the game world, where players can record their every move and post their creations to YouTube or other video sharing destinations.

A first look at the Replay Editor tool

But what would such a feature be without an accompanying competition based on it? Valve has also announced the first annual Saxxy Awards.

Gamers will have two weeks (submissions due May 19) to play, record, and submit their entry in any of twenty categories including Most Inventive Kill, Most Epic Fail, Best Editing, Best Revenge, and many more.

Head on over to the Valve Replay Editor page for more on the tool, and run to the Saxxy Awards page to learn more on the ongoing competition.