Brink launch unaffected by PSN downtime

Those wondering whether or not the Brink‘s PS3 version’s release has been affected by PlayStation Network’s on-going downtime — seeing as it’s a heavily multiplayer-focused game and all — it hasn’t. Publisher Bethesda has said that there has been no change of plans on their part; the parkour shooter is still very much on for tomorrow’s US and Friday’s Euro release, right next to the PC and Xbox 360 games, as the launch trailer from earlier today can attest to.

Says the company: “Fortunately, Brink is a game that allows you to seamlessly move between all modes of gameplay: single-player, co-op, and multiplayer. So all the experience and unlocks you get while playing single-player will carry over to multiplayer once PSN is back up.

“So the good news is that PS3 fans can still enjoy the game and learn about the teamplay aspects, objectives, maps, the different roles, and continue to customize their character and unlock new items, and then take all of that with them as soon as multiplayer is available.”

When that may be however is anyone’s guess. Sony’s current plan is to relaunch all PSN and Qriocity services by month’s end, with online play being the top priority.