Chart-Track “urges” Steam to share sales data

Valve made their stance on providing information for videogame charts on Steam clear last month, with their own Jason Holtman saying that the idea was old and not important.

Now Chart-Track, a company that does just that has put out a response to those claims. MD John Pinder asked (via MCV): “Is Jason Holtman really advocating a return to the ‘90s, when key retailers refused to pool their data, claiming it was better to supply sales direct to publishers?

“We know from years of experience with publishers, retailers and developers that the ability to benchmark every aspect of their business, to monitor competitor titles, to track market developments and to identify new trends are all key requirements.”

He concluded: “A retreat from mutual co-operation back to isolationism would be a truly retrograde step – I urge Jason to join us in the 21st Century.”

It’s probably a relatively minor issue to most, but Steam is the largest digital distributor of games; wouldn’t it be nice to know how games are selling on the service?