Dead Rising, Lost Planet originally rejected by Capcom

Both Dead Rising and Lost Planet are among Capcom’s most well-known franchises. Lost Planet has seen two console games and Dead Rising 2 may never stop releasing downloadable expansions. You have former Capcom dev and Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune to thank for these titles, although he recently revealed that they were originally rejected by the publisher.

Speaking to students at Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University, Inafune said that he had to go behind the publisher’s back to get the games made. He revealed that, at the time, Capcom had a strict sequels-only rule that meant any suggestion of new IPs were always rejected by the company. With this in mind, Inafune pitched his ideas/prototypes for both Dead Rising and Lost Planet and got the usual treatment.

However a determined Inafune kept working on both titles, and once Lost Planet exceed its prototype budget by over 400 percent, the company was forced to release the game, with Dead Rising along for the ride. Good thing they did; Inafune believes the move “saved the company” and both went on to sell well. He also reckons their success saved him from being “fired for war crimes”.

So there you have it; two Capcom classics that nearly never were. The moral of the story? Disobey your employer’s orders, we guess.