New Age of Conan continents rumored

Funcom’s Age of Conan players are in for new content, and plenty of it, rumor has it. Specifically, new continents look to be in store, two of them.

Quoting game director Craig Morrison’s tease from a little over a week ago is perhaps in order; “This is where we get to the stuff we can’t quite talk about just yet…yes, a little teasing I know, but trust us, it is far more frustrating not being able to talk about what is coming just yet,” he wrote in last month’s development update. “These will be important updates, with two new and important elements incoming.”

That certainly mixes with the speculation that two new lands named Turan and Ardashir — found by Massively to be listed in-game next to the existing countries of Aquilonia, Cimmeria, Stygia, and Khitai — with their many zones, are to be added to the game.

Going by Funcom’s annual report, which promises “significant content and story tie-ins with the [new Conan] movie,” the undiscovered areas may not be too far off, either.