Sorry Google, Apple is now the world’s biggest brand

Products and brands tend to have life cycles just like anything else. There’s early adoption, growth, peak and decline. For Apple however, there only seems to be the peak part of the cycle. In the last decade or so at least; since the first iPod in 2001 the brand has been on the up, and today it marks a significant milestone in that success.

According to the 2011 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands rankings, Apple is now the most valuable brand in the world, rising by 84 percent to $153.3 billion. That means they’ve overtaken Google, which fell 2 percent to $111.5 billion.

Pretty exciting news for Jobs and co; it’s also interesting to note that while Microsoft sits at number four on the list with $78.2 billion, Sony reaches all the way down to 85 with a value of $10.4 billion.

This news is relevant to gamers, of course, because of Apple’s contribution to the industry via apps for idevices. With the continued success of their products, don’t expect to hear the last from the company’s work in gaming.