2011’s Call of Duty takes online to a new level

This year’s Call of Dutyexpected to be Modern Warfare 3 — will be the most online-focused title in the series yet, Activision has said.

Talking on the company’s Q1 2011 earnings call, it was said a Beachhead-developed “online platform” will be “an integral part to the innovation signature of the Call of Duty game that we’re releasing this year.”

What’s free now won’t be transformed into a subscription-based service though; “we are not attempting to monetize or take any experience away that currently comes as part of the value proposition of buying the game,” Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg clarified. Rather, there’ll be added value: “The passion that people have for the game, the amount of time they’re willing to engage with one another in a connected way. Our goal has been to create an experience that was amplifying enough and energising enough and igniting enough to that community to be able to be monetized.”

Expect the finer details to be announced during E3 early next month.