Capcom reveal expected shipping figures

Japanese publishing giant Capcom is on the offensive as of late, announcing a slew of great new titles that they expect to push a million units or two – if they’re feeling really lucky. The company has released its expected shipping figures for these games, which seem to be in line with their recent successes with past titles.

Sitting on top is Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The publisher hopes that brand recognition (as well as quality, of course) pushes this one to 2.5 million units, with Street Fighter x Tekken following at two million.

Their next estimate is for new and intriguing IP, Dragon’s Dogma, an action RPG from Devil May Cry 3 director Hideaki Itsuno. They’re betting around 1.5 million on that one.

Last but not least is Dead Rising 2 DLC, Off The Record, which they hope will push a modest 800k. All these titles are a fair way off so note these down and check back in 2012 to see if they were right.

No mention of DMC in these predictions though. Been a little quiet on that front lately…