IO makes it official — Hitman Absolution announced

Hey, look outside; is that a pig flying?

The news that many have been waiting on is finally here; Hitman Absolution has been announced. While the teaser trailer posted earlier doesn’t give us much in the way of details, we’ve squeezed out a few bits of info from a presser sent over by publisher Square Enix.

Absolution puts you back in the role of the bald-yet-bar coded assassin, Agent 47. Having survived the events of Blood Money (a now five-year old game), the cold blooded killer is on the run from the law after taking on a dangerous contract. He’ll undergo a personal journey through a world of corruption. We think that vaguely translates to strangling people in cupboards, slowly screwing on silencers, and dressing up as clowns – we hope.

Developed by IO Interactive, the game will run on the developer’s new Glacier 2 technology, taking on a “distinctive art style”; wonder what that could mean for the visuals? There’s also the promise of new gameplay features.

No surprises on platforms or release date; it’s penciled in for 2012 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Select press will get to see the game at E3, and hopefully in-game footage isn’t too far off.