New Mass Effect 3 gameplay, story details

The latest issue of OXM has delivered some more details on the now-delayed Mass Effect 3, of the gameplay and plot kind. Some interesting points follow, but there are a few spoilers also. Fear not, they’re saved for last and marked with a warning. Read on.

First off, gameplay; players will now be able to jump and roll as well as fire blind; weapons can be upgraded from three ends — scope, barrel, grip — and the color/camo changed to meet the player’s fashion sense; and, an eyepiece that allows non-sniper weaponry to scope further may also be available to the player.

As for enemies, Cerberus operatives and husks will be the main fodder, with Cerberus troops coming at you in shapes of three: heavy bruisers, medium and light.

And now for the bit with the spoilers, one of them quite impactful. Jump over the following paragraph in italics if you wish to avoid.

Players can gain the civilization’s allegiance, but there’s also a chance they’ll be lost to the Reapers. By the sounds of it, it’ll be much like Mass Effect 2’s suicide mission system; just have to play your cards right. The biggie from the characters’ standpoint however is that the mission Shepard and co undertake in Mass Effect 3 may be the last for fan-favorite Garrus, as the mag suggests the character is being built up for a dramatic death. Bummer.

The mag also says that BioWare’s expected to announce something substantial at E3 next month, along with additional gameplay features and squadmates. Til then, then.