Atari’s TDU2 developer goes on strike

Rebellious moods at Test Drive Unlimited 2 developer Eden Games today; Gamasutra’s been sent a statement which says the studio is initiating a “symbolic day strike” as an answer to layoffs and mismanagement by Atari, its parent company.

51 of 80 of the studio’s developers are allegedly being targeted.

“Eden Games pays now for Atari mismanagement,” reads the statement. “For several years we are witnessing multiple leader changes at its head, they did not hesitate to get rich despite financial difficulties.”

Redundancy plans have been a common practice at Atari for the past 10 years, it also says; “Each time the recovery project was beautiful and promising, and ended in a failure. We are skeptical about the proposed project.

“Atari does not play the game of negotiations with employee representatives on the redundancy plan measures. Employee representatives of Eden until now have been extremely collaborative, respecting the very tight deadlines of the redundancy plan.”

Eden’s strike is meant to demonstrate its employees’ “determination and mobilization,” during which the studio’s hopeful it’ll be able to “communicate and interact with the CEO, Jim Wilson, who has never introduced himself to his employees.”

Here’s hoping for the best outcome.