New Hitman tech may “rival the best” — IO

Developer IO Interactive is mighty pleased with the new game engine it’s built for the recently announced Hitman Absolution. Or, at least, the studio’s technical artist Daniel Ben-Noon is; the new tech, Glacier 2, “easily has potential to rival the best,” he’s said.

Ben-Noon’s words come from a post on (via) where he also hailed the tech’s previous version: “[Kane & Lynch 2] was the ‘swan song’ of Glacier1. For all its flaws and hate the title gets I would still call it the pinnacle of what that engine technology founded in ’94 could do. Environment fidelity, imho, way surpassing Army of Two which was also set in Shanghai.”

He then continued: “Without being able to tell you where and how far we will take specific new games, the engine technology that is Glacier2 easily has potential to rival the best. So while living up to you guys’ expectations is no small task, at least we are making some changes and improvements that can actually take us there.”

Sadly, Absolution‘s debut trailer was a horrible, horrible tease and showed only a few pre-rendered scenes. We’ll have to hope some in-game materials will be released as E3 kicks off next month.