New Tekken movie to be CGI

As with most videogame adaptions, the live action Tekken movie didn’t go down so well when it released a while back. Namco Bandai are giving it another shot though, only this time staying true to the series with an in-canon CGI flick titled Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Digital Frontier, the team behind the CGI Resident Evil films is at work on this one, with writer Dai Sato also on board.

The film will take place between the fifth and sixth games, featuring all the series’ favorites (even the panda is in there) kicking each other in the teeth and leaping off of buildings. As for the plot, well, do you really care?

Set for release in cinemas this summer (though we don’t know if that will be a worldwide release), there’s a trailer below for you to check out. The CGI work certainly seems very impressive; maybe this will actually be an enjoyable film.