MGS, Castlevania, PES sell well for Konami

Three of Konami’s biggest titles from 2010 have done the publisher proud, according to a financial report ending March 31 2011.

The report praises sales of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The ‘soccer’ genre as a whole saw them shift 7.51 million games while the Metal Gear franchise as a whole moved another 1.92 million.

Surprisingly, 27 percent of all game sales were attributed to the PS3, making it the publisher’s biggest platform. PSP came next, while the Xbox 360 accounted for 11 percent.

Last year’s net sales of 262.1 billion yen were down to 258 billion yen but operating income rose from 18.7 billion yen to 20.8 billion.

Konami have a similar line up for the rest of 2011: a new Pro Evo, another handheld MGS in the shape of Snake Eater 3D, and one final piece of Castlevania DLC.