Revelations not a rush job, Assassin’s dev assures

Three Assassin’s Creed games in as many years; while no one’s complaining about all the free-running action we’ve been getting as of late, fans do start to worry that maybe Ubisoft Montreal and co aren’t taking enough time with these sequels.

Creative director Alexandre Amancio has been quick to assure though that this isn’t the case for Assassin’s Creed Revelations. He told Game Informer that “production itself takes about a year, but keep in mind we’ve planned it far in advance.

“It’s not like a hundred people crunching it for a year. It’s a huge team across many studios with different types of expertise and we fit them all together.”

Of course, Revelations is currently being worked on by six different developers. The main team is the 2000-strong Ubisoft Montreal, who are backed up by Quebec, Annecy, Singapore and Bucharest studios, as well as and Massive. With a team that size we wouldn’t be surprised if they started churning out Creed games every half a year instead.

It won’t have an effect on quality though, as Amancio insists: “We always aim for a 90-plus game.”

Revelations hits in November.