Sony giving 3D year one conference in July

The PS3 has been 3D capable for nearly a year now and games like Killzone 3 and MotorStorm Apocalypse have come and gone with it, both in screen-escaping displays. But how well has Sony’s big feature performed in its first year?

That’s what the company are hoping to address at the annual Develop conference in the UK in July. Sony Computer Entertainment Vice President  Mike Hocking will deliver a 3D first year post-mortem on Thursday July 21. In his own words: “I’ll be doing a 3D post-mortem from Killzone 3, and also showing how we implemented 3D as an advanced post effect in SOCOM 4. I’ll look at how we used a 2D camera for 3D augmented reality in EyePet Move. Actually being able to show these on a big screen with surround sound will make all the difference for the audience.”

The conference will be taking place in Brighton, with Sony’s talk appearing in the cinema.