John Blakely leaves SOE to join Zynga

John Blakely, formerly the vice president of development at Sony Online Entertainment has left the company and joined up with social game developer Zynga in a general manager role.

Blakely had been with SOE for nine years and will be succeeded by eight-year SOE veteran Lorin Jameson. D.C. Universe Online and Everquest II are a couple of games Blakely worked on during his tenure at SOE, where things are not going swimmingly as of late. Earlier this year, they were forced to lay off several employees as well as cancel their anticipated espionage MMO The Agency.

Zynga is a more up-and-coming company that was put on the map by the popularity of the addictive FarmVille in 2010. Lately they’ve been busy luring execs of larger companies to join them.