American McGee working with PopCap

American McGee and his Shanghai studio Spicy Horse will soon be working with big time developer/publisher PopCap Games.

The news comes from the mouth of Mr. McGee himself who recently said that, following the release of Alice: Madness Returns with publisher Electronic Arts, the studio will make 3D free-to-play online games, the first of which will be a 3D game for PopCap.

“The sense is that while a lot of social games have built their empires on 2D, there will be a moment where the genre has to shift into 3D, and we want to start that process now,” McGee said.

Unfortunately, Spicy Horse has had to reduce its headcount from 75 to 55, but McGee described this transition as simply organizational and “not terribly painful.”

Further, where Alice: Madness Returns took two years to complete, McGee hopes to make a new game every six months or so under the new deal.

As for the first game the studio will make, McGee wouldn’t say much, but did tease it nicely asĀ “a perfect example of the kind of games we’re going to be working on. It’s got all of those hooks in there.”

Additionally, McGee noted that his studio has secured $3 million in capital from Vickers Venture Partners to help fund the new project(s).