Guitar Hero announcement at E3 — rumor

Next month’s E3 in LA may play stage to the announcement of a new entry in the currently-on-hold Guitar Hero franchise. Though firmly in the ‘rumor and speculation’ pile for now, a new game has been hinted at by the series’ official Twitter feed, which yesterday suggested that the franchise may come out of retirement some time next year: “Plenty of @GuitarHero stuff happening…#E3 is coming up! #PAXprime in Aug! 2012 is 6 months away!”

No chance of anything releasing this year though, as a later tweet re-confirmed that the franchise is “on hiatus for 2011.”

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, the last main entry in the series, released in September 2010 to somewhat average reviews. Some month’s later, Activision announced it was putting the breaks on both the Guitar and DJ Hero franchises.