Lemmings, GTA creator joins GamersFirst team

With titles like Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown under his belt, David Jones has made quite the name for himself in the industry, even with the recent failings of APB.

He’s set to right that wrong though, as Free2Play MMO publisher GamersFirst announced that Jones had joined the company’s advisory board. That means he’ll be working on the relaunch of APB, titled APB: Reloaded, as well as helping out with other projects under the publisher’s banner.

“This game was my passion back when I was developing it with Realtime Worlds, and I’m extremely excited to be able to participate in fulfilling the long term vision for the title,” Jones said of his return to the project. “After seeing what the team has done with the game thus far, I’m certain that APB: Reloaded will become the title that truly breaks new ground for online game experiences, especially with transition to a free to play model.”

Reloaded is just three days away from launching a beta.