No plans for Source 2.0 — Valve

While Valve’s beloved Source Engine is definitely beginning to show its age, the developer believes that it would be better to constantly be adding updates and fixes to it over replacing the engine with a brand new one.

Valve boss and industry legend Gabe Newell told Develop: “There are lot of advantages on iterating on a mature and stable and shipped codebase, as opposed to starting over again.

“I think, when you see a game like DOTA 2, you’ll see how developers can get a lot more out of Source than most companies can get from a scratch-built engine.”

The Source Engine has provided some of the industry’s biggest and best, such as Half-Life 2 and, more recently, Portal 2. The tech has more than proved itself with these amazing titles. Newell continued: “I think that incremental updates model has worked really well for us.

“Does that mean we’ll reach some architectural tipping-point where we’ll need to change? No. I mean, if Larrabee [an Intel GPU, cancelled for consumers] had shipped that would have probably necessitated some fairly dramatic changes in order to take advantage of it. But, so far we’ve been able to keep the engine moving ahead, robustly. I mean, I think it looks great.”

That means that whatever Valve are mining away on right now is going to be using that same tech that the company’s been using for around a decade now.